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Dear Lord,

Thank You for today. Any day that I wake up is proof that You have a plan and a purpose for me… and I’m grateful for that. I’m realizing that one thing that is constant within ourselves are our thoughts – whether they’re good, bad, random, insignificant, or grand – we are always thinking something. It is so easy to think based off of what is presented to us in the moment or even think with little effort because it just seems easier. But I want to have better control over my thoughts. I want my mind and my thoughts to belong to You. Your word says that I should fix my mind, meaning set/purpose my thoughts on good things that are excellent and praise worthy. Lord I want you to help me think of those things that are pure, true, pure, right, holy, friendly, proper, loving, admirable, virtuous, winsome, gracious, kind, honorable and just. I know that as I continue to model my life after You, read the Word, pray, seek You, surround myself with people and things that desire You… that my thoughts will begin to reflect that excellence of You. I ask to You to bring to my attention any thought that could have been directed in a more positive light that I may consciously do and think better.



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