Home > Daily Prayer > Daily Prayer – 1 Peter 2:9 – February 28, 2012

Dear Lord,


I sincerely thank You for today. Once again I’m alive and well, I was not disturbed by any bad news last night, my family was kept safe as we slept, I woke up with my body functioning properly, and my mind seems clearer than it was yesterday, so I thank You for that.  Every day I try to remind myself of who I am, what I can access, what I can and cannot do being a Child of God. It’s so easy to resort back to old and familiar ways and habits and if we’re not confident or knowledgeable of who we are in You then its even easier to embrace those old ways. So I come to You asking You to constantly remind me of who I am. I vow to stay in my Word so I know for myself what You’ve called me to be. Your word says that I am royalty, chosen, set apart for You, Your special possession and instrument to tell the world of how You’ve saved me from darkness and brought me into Your wonderful light. Let me remember that when my attitude rises, or someone disrespects me, or when I hear or see something unjust… Let me remember that my Father in Heaven is holding me to a standard and views me and special and I need to act accordingly.


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