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Sorry its late everyone…. but here it is! I was really looking forward to doing another blog but its literally took me ALL DAY to get this one uploaded. Once you watch it, you’ll see that my difficulty in uploading was only yet another thing to keep me from thanking God in all things. I encourage you to hold tight to your positive attitude especially when its challenging. When you finally go to rest your head at night, although you may be mentally drained and physically worn from the day, inside you will feel at rest because you pushed against the odds and took control over your day. Trust me I’m about to do that right now!!


I love you all!! I’m really looking forward to my next video! I will probably do it this weekend so please check in. My next blog will probably be of my testimony ( which you can find on my About page) I really want you all to know my story and know me so you will feel even more comfortable receiving what God has placed in me!


Have a wonderful night!!! And I’ll see you all tomorrow with daily scripture & prayer!!



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