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Hey everyone,

Mondays are usually tough. After a few days off its hard to get back in the swing of work or school and many times we just submit to the fact that it’s Monday and its going to be a Monday kinda day. Well I encourage you to declare that Monday will be great!! And your attitude and actions towards can determine that. I’d like for you to read this love letter from God, He’d inspired me to write awhile ago. After reading how great God’s love is for you , it makes Monday’s and any day after that much more worth living.

I also want to challenge you to share this love letter with someone and be apart of making their day and possibly changing their life.

A Letter to My Love

by Soleil Meade on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 10:38am

Good Morning My Love,
I have caused the sun to rise just for you so that you can have a chance to live your life another day. I’ve caused your eyes to open again so you can see the beautiful things of life and pray for those things not so beautiful. I’ve allowed your ears to hear again so you can listen to the melody of my encouraging words as well as hear the clattering evils around you so you can fight and stand firm against it. Yes, it was me who gave you breathe in your lungs and ability in your mouth to speak again because I love to hear you give thanks and praise to me , Your Creator, and share those praises with others. I’ve caused your heart to continue to beat because I want you to live and every beat of your heart is hope for me that you will come closer to me. I replenished your supply of grace and mercy because between this evil world and the struggles within yourself—you’ll need it. My love for you… if you only knew… it’s that greater love they talk about that you would lay down your life for a friend.. You mean that much to me. If you only realized how much I care about you…I only want what’s best for you and it breaks my heart when you settle for less. I not only want what is best but I know and have what is best for you…. If you’d only just realize that it is ME who wants you not the things your heart chases after. I love you with every part of me and I’m just waiting for you to answer my call of love… see me in the little and big things of life… I’m always there.
Signed with Love,
Co-signed by Jesus
Sealed by the Holy Spirit
Soleil… only a puppet to the Master

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