Home > Daily Prayer > Daily Prayer – 1 Timothy 1:5-6 – Tuesday March 20,2012

Dear Lord,

I thank You for today. I thank You for Your love and kindness toward me. As Your word leads me to I want to to give a love that is pure and genuine. You’ve called me to love from a pure heart, clear conscience, and genuine faith. Lord cleanse any impure, self-seeking motives of my heart.  I want my conscience to be crystal clear – help me to not only decipher right from wrong but also do what is right before You. Clear the clutter out of my mind that doesn’t benefit or support Your ways. If there be any ways in which I am not true to You or myself, where I put on a facade and fail to be genuine in my faith please strip me of my ways and lead me onto Your paths. Lord I don’t want to be one who wastes time in meaningless thoughts, talk or life but I know that if I live full of your love my life will be full not meaningless. Lord, take my hand and guide me every step of the way, shake me when I get off task, and encourage me to live a life a love so that You can be known to the world.



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