Home > Bible Study > Daily Prayer- 1 John 2:3-6 – Fri.March 23, 2012


I thank You for this day. I thank You for Your word that exposes, corrects, and leads me in a closer relationship with you. Your word says that if I don’t keep your commandments and say I know You then I am a liar. I know you have commands of me and at times its just more comfortable to do things the easy way but I admit its not Your way. It doesn’t feel good to admit that I am a liar and I really don’t know/love and keep your commandments but I’m tired of running for cover to try to spare the humiliation, embarrassment, judgment and consequences for my errors. I’m ready to mature and own up to my shortcomings and constantly be in a mindset and lifestyle that is striving to tell Your story and lift up You. Exposure doesn’t feel good but I know that it is for my good. So I ask you to show me myself and walk with me on the path of a pure repentant heart.


I love You,



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