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Hey Happy Friday yall!! When I tell you the Bible is really clear cut about what it takes to live for Christ… I mean its unbelievable. Seriously we have no excuse because it lays it all out for us- if you can’t understand one version, then look up another one. If you’re questioning or confused about what your Pastor/teacher said, you can find more. I promise it has what we need.

The book of 1 John is a great book to read when you need to check yourself. Its full of  conditional (if… then) statements, which lets you know there are some requirements you need to do to see the outcomes/promises of God. Our focus today talks about keeping God’s commandments and what we are if we do and what we are if we don’t.

I only did this handpicked post because I know how hard of a pill it is to swallow when you realize that you may not be on the good side. Many times when we find ourselves ready to be exposed we run for cover to try to spare the humiliation, embarrassment, judgment and consequences for our errors. But I want to encourage you today to STOP running from it and face it. It’s time for us to mature and own up to the areas in which we fall short in. If we simply ignore them, we go about life as if we don’t have any problems. If we own up to them, we’re saying hey I kinda messed up and I want to get it right! <—- That’s what this Christian Walk is about…. constantly in a mindset and lifestyle that is striving to tell the story and lift up Christ.


So our scripture today says if you say you know God and don’t keep His commandments, then you are a liar! Ouch YIKES! No one wants to be called a liar yet it is true, Jesus said in John 14:15 “If you love me, you’ll keep my commandments”. So if we’re not keeping and living the commands of God – what the Bible teaches us to do, what we learn and prove to be God given in church, etc. then it’s a lie to say I know and love God. Granted we all will fall short and miss a command but its all about the state of our heart. Do you break a commandment and say “Oh Well, God knows my heart!” then turn around and do it again? Do you break a commandment and feel terrible about it and ask God to forgive you and help you not to do it anymore? Its all about your heart and trust me God does know your heart and he knows if you could care less if you broke his rules or not and guess what if you could care less then you are a liar if you attempt to say you “know/love” Him.


But God is gracious because even in these verses we see that yes the liar is exposed but it also shows you what the person who does keep God’s commandments shows in his/her life. God isn’t just concerned about exposing you, He wants to show you the way!! He wants you to say Hey I’m sure I’ve been that liar before but I want to be the one who shows mature and complete love for you by keeping Your commandments. I’d stretch to say the hardest part of getting closer to Christ is getting over and facing yourself. If you’re ready to face yourself… I want you to pray the prayer in today’s prayer post… and start new!!!

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