Home > Daily Prayer > Prayer Post – Jude 1:20-21 – Happy Friday 4/27/12

Dear Lord,

Thank you for another day. I am more than grateful that You’ve granted me with another chance to live for you. Your Word encourages me to build myself up in Your holy faith. When life seems to throw curve balls every 5 minutes, its hard to fight for my faith because it feels like I’m fighting to catch these curve balls. In these times I can easily lose focus on who I should be fighting for which is YOU. Help me to build up and feed my faith with the comfort and direction of Your Holy Spirit. I want to hide myself in Your love which will ultimately surround me with all good things pertaining to You- joy, peace, endurance, hope, courage, including faith. I want to continuously give Your love and expect Your mercy for it all assures me that one day, You will return for me so I can live with You forever. Until then, I want to be the best son/daughter to You. I want to make You proud and I want my life to be a life that pleases you.

I love you,

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