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Dear Lord,

It’s me again. Coming to You, giving You praise and thanks for keeping me but most importantly because of how great You are. As I’m on this faith walk, day by day I’m learning how to walk by faith more gracefully everyday. Sometimes I can feel like I’m running so well and staying so focused that I forget the very sin that caused me to chase after You. I know You want me to be consumed with faith and You yet You don’t want me to be so consumed that I forget what You’ve brought me out of. I know that what I’ve been through will be a testimony and help save others. Jude 1:5 reminds me that You are a God that rescued his people but later destroyed them because they were unfaithful and defective. Lord I don’t want to experience Your saving power to only be left behind because I’m chasing anything other than You. I understand that something defective doesn’t have to be totally inoperable but its just not functioning as it was intended to. When I entertain sin, flesh, and my own emotions & will I become defective and don’t operate as You’ve created me to. I become unfaithful to You because I’ve turned my heart and mind toward self seeking things. Lord I don’t want to forget where You’ve delivered me from nor do I want to be destroyed because of unfaithfulness to a Faithful God.

Keep Me Near The Cross


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