Home > Daily Scripture > Sin,Sacrifice,Salvation Prayer – Romans 3:22-23 – April 30, 2012

Dear Lord,
I thank You for today. It is another day that You have allowed me to see and I know that there are people who didn’t live to see today. So for that alone…. I thank You because You’ve granted me life again today for a reason. Because You are so gracious to remind me of my purpose and reason for living, I want to be sure that my life aligns with Your purpose for me. It would be easy enough to chase my own dreams or walk out the destiny someone else has painted for me, but no one else has given me life like You have. Not only have you given me life and breathe in my body but through the cross You’ve given me a clean slate, life in You on Earth and life with You for an eternity in heaven. I thank You so much for forgiving me of my sins by dying on the cross. Thank You for reminding in Your word that everyone, not only me, has sinned and fell short of Your glorious standard.  When I fall short of pleasing You, I sometimes feel like its too bad to even try to reconcile with You. I feel like I’m the only dirty shameful sinner who has displeased You. But I must remember Romans 3:22-23 and know that You have made us right with You , no matter who we are or what sin we’ve committed, as we place our faith in You. Help me to always remember that we ALL fall short of Your glory, rightfully so because there is no one like or even comparable to You. So please continue to have mercy on me and remind me that even though we all fall short and sin that You want to see me in right standing with You, pure as possible, with a heart and mind turned to You. Remind me to get up and chase You every time we fall.


Thank You for loving me,


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