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Daily Scripture

Hebrews 7:26-27  (NLT)

26 He is the kind of high priest we need because he is holy and blameless, unstained by sin. He has been set apart from sinners and has been given the highest place of honor in heaven.[a] 27 Unlike those other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrifices every day. They did this for their own sins first and then for the sins of the people. But Jesus did this once for all when he offered himself as the sacrifice for the people’s sins.

Daily Prayer

Dear Lord, thank You for today and allowing me to see it. Lord there may be many who try to replicate the God that You are but NO ONE is higher than You. Like the scripture says, the other high priests would have to perform daily in order to measure up to what You did once and for all and its still working today!!! You are truly GREAT GOD and I am honored to serve such a God like You. I’m so glad that You are my high priest, set apart from sin, holy and blameless and of no fault yet You offered Yourself as a sacrifice for my sin. Thank You for being the ultimate sacrifice!!

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