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In studying and understanding the principles and rules that God intends for us to live by, I think its extemely important that we break down and clearly understand what is required of us. Sometimes the simpliest study of definitions and synomyns will bring a clear understanding of what God is requiring of us. So this week we’re going to focus on the Sacrifice portion of this series. There will be scriptures and prayers as well as a video sometime this week. We’ll start it off with a study tonight so that way as you view the scriptures you’ll have a better understanding of what sacrifice really means.

According to Merriam-Webster the word sacrifice means:
(verb) to suffer loss of, give up, renounce, injure, or destroy especially for an ideal, belief, or end

(noun) 1 the practice of offering something to a diety
2 to give up something of value for something else

The Vine’s Concise Dictionary has both an Old and New Testament intrepretations:

Old Testament : (zebach) Sacrifice was not just to creat communion between God and man but sacrifice represented the principle that without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin!

This alone is so powerful… Take a moment to imagine what life would be like if Jesus never shed his blood to forgive our sins. We’d all be dying REALLY early for the burden of carrying sin.

New Testament: (thusia) Sacrifice is the act of offering.

If I were asked what was the first word I thought of when someone said sacrifice, I would have to say GIVE. This New Testament definition confirms that sacrifice is about giving or offering.

Synonyms  & Antonymns of Sacrifice

Synonyms: forfeit, forego,  kiss goodbye, lose, offer, offer up, part with, renounce, resign oneself to, spare, suffer, surrender, waive, yield

So we know that when we’re called to sacrifice there are some things we’re going to have to kiss goodbye and lose, while other things we’ll just simply lost or surrender to, and other times where we just offer up what we have and waive our rights to to it. During this week of studying sacrifice we’ll look at Christ’s sacrifice as well as how we can sacrifice.

Christ had to yield to God’s will and suffer the cross in order to sacrifice Himself for us. For the moments in which He took upon our sin he kissed the throne He had in heaven goodbye, parted with his own Father, renounced the very morals of righteousness and goodness He lived for and offered His life as the shed blood that would bring us forgiveness. Jesus is the epitome of SACRIFICE
Antonyms: hold, refuse

Antonyms are important to because it will tell you what you don’t want to be. So we know that sacrifice is not going to hold onto or refuse to let go of something that will come between being in  right standing.



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