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So anyone who knows me knows that littering is one of my pet peeves. I just don’t understand why people litter especially when 9 times out of 10 there’s a garbage can nearby. It also irritates me that because you’re so lazy and careless your trash can end up in my area which is just RUDE.

Well today I was driving behind this car and I watched them litter a candy wrapper. Honestly I wanted to honk at them, pull up next to them and tell them not to litter LOL! But immediately I heard God say,
“What are you littering into your environment?”

Have you ever thrown away something because you thought it was trash but down the line you needed it, like a receipt? I have…and sometimes we deem something to be trash when actuality we need it but because we’re so anxious to get rid of trash we litter it into the environment, only to later realize you need it and it’s probably blown away by now.

Have you ever had a situation bother or hurt you so deeply that you quickly discard of it- throwing it out of your life as fast as you can. But since you threw “it” out so fast you didn’t take the time to deal with all the pain, hurt, resentment, doubt and worry that came along with “it”. So even though you threw “it” out, you still have all the other trash. It’s like you threw the box out but you still have the bubble wrap and all those foamy things in it . So you decide to just throw that out wherever you are and litter someone else’s environment with your trash. Yep you call your friend and unload your issues on them, not seeking a resolution just wanting to get the trash away from you. Or you take it out on someone else making your trash their trash.

The moral to all of this is that we must be careful not to aimlessly litter. I’m all for throwing out the trash because TRASH IS TRASH!!! but we need to be more cautious of what we’re littering into our environments. Litter is defined as making a place untidy with rubbish (Material that is considered unimportant or valueless) Don’t just litter it into your environment, into your mind, your thoughts, your heart, your speech, your actions,etc. but THROW IT AWAY. TRASH is meant for the Trash Can not the ground.

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