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So Step 1 of the challenge is…. What’s peeving you?

What annoys you to the max?

What don’t you have tolerance for?

Who/What agitates you?

What are you allowing to make you angry?


Start with a list of things that are your pet peeves! I’ve heard over the years that the first step to overcoming a problem is identifying your issue  (sounds like common sense).I know that with God, He literally sits and waits for us to have these epiphanies and light bulb moments where we’re ready to hand over what is burdening us and making us less effective to Him.

So if you’re brave enough… list your pet peeves right in the comment box. Let the world see that you’re taking a step to conquering annoyances in your life. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then grab a journal, your notepad on your iphone/droid and start listing them. We’ll deal with Step 2 later on…


Soleil’s Pet Peeves

  1. I hate when I have to repeat myself (especially if its the same things)
  2. I can’t stand when people don’t fully listen to me or interrupt me when I’m talking
  3. I hate when people are inconsiderate of my time because its valuable to me
  4. I can’t stand when people only call me when they need something
  5. Liars peeve me, especially sneaky liars
  6. When people take my or others kindness for weakness/ take advantage of people
  7. I cannot stand slow drivers or traffic
  8. I hate when people litter
  9. When I wake up and my head scarf comes off (darn it!!)
  10. When a team effort turns into a solo – irks me
  11. When people misuse “Only God Can Judge Me” and “God knows my heart”
  12. Injustice especially toward the innocent
  13. When people beat around the bush or expect me to guess what they’re thinking about
  14. When people rush me
  15. When people try to plan things at the last minute or are unorganized

Okay I think  that’s it for now but that’s right there is alot of work, especially since the plan is to attack each of the pet peeves strategically.


Step 1 is complete – Let’s Gooooooooooooooooo!

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