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As soon as my head hit the pillow this started to flow right out the content of my own day…..


As I lay my head on my pillow
I finally feel the weight of the day
I close my eyes,take a deep breathe
Exhale the tension away
Taking a quick look back on today’s challenges that I faced
Thanking God I endured and made it through with grace
Sometimes Im in so deep I don’t realize my strength
The humility,faith, patience,and hope you exuded at times without intent
But because there’s something inside me that serves as my guide
Because there’s someone above who can take refuge and hide
Because there’s grace and mercy that gives me peace of mind
Because there a love that keeps on giving never keeping track of time
As I lay my head and reflect
Take it all in and sigh
My blessings I count
My lessons I learn
My cares I cast
My Life- Adjourned
Soleil C. Meade

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