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One of Google’s sources defines Remove as

Take away (something unwanted or unnecessary) from the position it occupies.

It uses it in verb format which is exactly what we want to do this week – TAKE ACTION.

Last week we reflected on this year, some of our highs and lows, we now should be able to see the areas we are strong in as well as those we need great improvement in.You’ve probably also learned that many of your areas of improvement are connected to some unhealthy relationship, bad emotion or habit, or dead weight. It’s only right that this week you identify these things that are stunting your growth and REMOVE them out your life.

As Christians – veterans, newbies, or rededicated- each day we’re granted NEW mercies, a NEW day, NEW perspectives, NEW opportunities and the evidence of all this NEW stuff should assure us that we shouldn’t be connected to the OLD. We should be constantly introspecting within ourselves to ensure all the “junk” and residue is out.

So with that being said…. Lets take a focus on what needs to be removed from your life…

Is it a relationship that you’re stuck in with a significant other who treats you quite insignifanct?

Is it those friends who always seem to get you to go to the places and do the things you said you wouldn’t do?

Is it doubt that causes you to never beleive that anything good can happen?

Is it fear that leaves you in constant unrest or torment?

Is it that bad attitude that creeps up everytime something aggravates you? (raises hand lol)

We all have things that  need to be removed! I have triplet nieces that were born premature and have been in the hospital for the past 3 months. Initially they were on breathing machines which caused them to be “intubated” which means a tube ran from their mouth, down their throats, through their voice box to an area that ventilated their lungs. After about a solid 2 months the babies were growing and realizing there was an unwanted tube down their throat that they didn’t want their. The babies began to extubate themselves – meaning they would pull/ REMOVE their unwanted object from the position it occupied. The tubes caused swelling internally, excessive fluid and mucus build up, constant irritation, bacteria and viral build up and more.

How many of us need to EXTUBATE ourselves? Get rid of the things that are causing us build up, sickness spiritually and physically, excess junk, etc.

I want you to say this prayer to God:

Lord I thank you for being in my life. I know that I have some things that need to be removed out of my life. Things I’m aware of as well as things I can’t clearly see right now. I ask that you begin to expose these things to me. Allow people to show their true colors, move those who arent’ for me away from me, and most importantly give me to strength and courage to handle any rejection, removal and eviction that is about to take place. Show me myself Lord, if there is anything in me that needs to be exposed for removal, I humble myself so that I may see it and take action to fix it. As I begin eviction and removal out of my life, I pray you clothe me with encouragement, strength, patience, and godly people that will uplift me for I know seperation doesn’t always feel good. I trust you and know that this process will be for my good.



Read Philipians 3: 12-21



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