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He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3 NIV)

This is what I read today. I read the entire chapter but this is what God really spoke to me about. Many times we hold on to our broken hearts and don’t allow God to take it to mend and heal it. We think we will do a better job with it by keeping it to ourselves. What we are actually doing is causing more damage because we are causing more wounds. I picture a heart being fragile like glass and it’s broken.. God is trying to put it back together but instead I just grab all the pieces and cradle them..holding them tight so I don’t drop anymore of it. All the while Im doing this my arms are getting cut and bruised from my heart being shattered. So not only will my heart need healed and mended now, but all the other cuts and bruises I have from holding that broken heart need tended to as well… God can and will do it. We just have to allow Him to do so. The healing process doesn’t always feel good but is necessary


Alexis lives to share the goodness God has shown in her life as well as the goodness He’s blessed her with like her beautiful voice. A smile that lights up the room, a voice and ministry that makes the enemy tremble and a heart for God & His people.

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