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Okay let’s have some fun. I’m so excited about my new book and I want to give you a chance to share in my excitement! Let’s have a scavenger hunt!


Below you’ll find all things you need to look for – there will be something specific you need to report back to win. The first one to complete all the tasks will win a Pooka basket full of great smell goods , the 2nd place person will win a copy of my book and don’t be discouraged I’ll have a little something for everyone.


Email your results to soleil@iamhandpicked.com

Ready Set Goooooooooooooo… time is ticking!!!

Winners will be announced on Sunday!!!


Step 1 Connect & Send me a S/O #princesswhispers: (at least 2 follows plus the correct answer qualifies)


  • Twitter: @Mzhandpicked

What are the 5 P’s in my bio?


  • Facebook: Soleil Meade

What is the quote in my “About Me” section?


  • Instagram:

Post the scavenger hunt flyer & @soleilmeade


Step 2 Visit www.iamhandpicked.com there you’ll find my testimony,blog and more… (Sign up for a free gifts & answer these questions- be sure to confirm your email subscription)


  • Sign up for your free chapters of A Princess Whispers to Her Father – what is the last line of the introductory poem
  • b. Sign up for the Handpicked Newsletter on the home page
  • c. What is the scripture behind “I Am Handpicked”


Step 3 Like A Princess Whispers to Her Father facebook page

  • Leave this comment and tag a friend: I AM ROYALTY AND SO ARE YOU, like this page for


Step 4 Text HISPRINCESS to 71441

  • What is the website listed in the text?


Step 5 Like the Pooka Pure and Simple Facebook Page


Finally once you’ve completed the hunt send your answers to soleil@iamhandpicked.com! We will see you Sunday for results!! Have fun!


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