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Hey yall…. its been awhile but I promise you’ll be hearing from me a lot more. I’ve been really exposed to what God has purposed me to do lately and I’ve been pursuing that heavily. So today I was talking to my mentor about a few things that I need to do and I got a little nervous thinking of how I was going to balance everything (work, graphic design projects, ministry, family, fitness, and most importantly my personal relationship with Christ). I am very excited to have all those things going wonderfully in my life but sometimes the thought of adding just one more thing on my plate feels overwhelming.


So I begin to think of the things I would have to “cut out” or “sacrifice” in order to do what I needed for Christ – less “me” time, more time with Him… Less doing what I enjoy, more doing what’s needed to win souls for Christ… Less date night with my friends, more date nights with Him. Naturally it stung to imagine the separation from the things “I LIKE”. But before I could entertain one more thought…. a song entered my heart and my eyes began to well up with tears. The chorus of the song reads:

Crucified, Laid Behind A Stone

You Lived To Die, Rejected And Alone

Like A Rose Trampled On The Ground

You Took The Fall, And Thought Of Me



I began to feel convicted as a I even entertained the thought of missing out on such trivial things…. I mean Jesus left His throne in heaven to come down die on the cross for me and I have anxiety about not seeing my nieces for 1 day?!?!?! But beyond the comparison (which is none), I began to mediate on how GREAT God’s love is for me. How He was and is above all powers, above all kings, above all wisdom and all created things…. This Almighty God I serve cares so much for me to save my life from all the hurt, pain, self-inflicted, evil, destructive things I’ve done. Like a Rose Trampled on The Ground…. Christ didn’t deserve to carry our sin, like a rose never loses its beauty, its meaning, it’s luster, even when trampled to the ground, walked on, overlooked, ignored, devalued – it is still radiant. Jesus this beautiful rose, took the fall where He was  walked on, overlooked, ignored, devalued, just because He thought of Me, above all that He was going through.

I’m like putty in His hands today because I should without one doubt or question do WHATEVER it takes to bring glory to Him. Like He was willing to put Himself aside, His whole life on the line… I should jump at an opportunity to sacrifice for Him.  I mean He did all that just so I can live in eternity with Him in heaven, so I could live on Earth free from sin, hurt, grief, pain, and bondage. I mean if He could do all of that for me, surely I could give up a few things to glorify Him… But honestly a few things isn’t enough for me…. Jesus deserves my life ALL OF ME… because He thought of me ABOVE ALL!! Will you join me in giving your ENTIRE life over to Him? He loves you tremendously.  If so, say this prayer with me:


Lord forgive me!! I’m so used to focusing on my own needs and desires that I tend to lose myself in them and ultimately I began to lose what’s important to me… YOU!!! Please forgive me! I know you were crucified, laid behind a stone, you lived to die, rejected and alone, like a rose trampled on the ground, you took the fall and thought of me Above All! So because you’ve done that for me, I want to give my life to you. There’s nothing I can do to compare to your love for me, so I vow to love and serve you with all of my life. Please light the path you’ve intended for me.


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