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Inspired by my new read: A Woman God Can Use by Alice Mathews

Adam was the first person on Earth to play the blame game (gen.3:12.. “the woman you put here with me, she gave me the fruit from the tree and I ate it) To make matter worse, He blamed God!

How many of us say: Well it was the dad you gave me that abandoned me as that’s why I’m bitter. If my father would have been there for me to love me, then maybe I wouldn’t have tried to find love in the wrong places. It was the mom you gave me that was too busy for me, she was so focused on herself, her own dreams & goals, or her new boyfriend,¬† that she neglected me. Well its this family you put me in God, they’re dysfunctional, my uncle is a drunk, my aunts are verbally abusive, my brothers and sisters make fun of me, I feel like a misfit so that’s why I close myself off to everyone.

Many of us have been like Adam. Quick to shift the responsibility and blame on anyone but ourselves. Instead of Adam owning up to the choice he made to eat the fruit Eve offered to him, he figured he’d just blame Eve, and practically God for giving her to him. I bet he probably thought like many of us, if they weren’t in my life, then I wouldn’t be dealing with this. If I had different parents, different family, a different husband or wife, then things would be DIFFERENT!! That all seems well as its floating in our heads but the reality of it is the cast can change but character– who you are, what you represent, what you stand for is YOUR CHOICE.

God said He will make a way of escape for us that well be able to bear anything (1 Cor.10:13) So whether God did it or not, He promises to help you escape from ANYTHING you face! So here we’re left with the choice to stop blaming God and take responsibility in trusting Him to rescue us! Maybe we’re not responsible for the difficulties that face us, many times that’s the case – you didn’t ask to be molested as a young boy/girl, you didn’t ask to be verbally abused by your family which caused you to cut or have low self-esteem…. YET you are responsible for how you choose to deal with it. You can choose to believe what Christ says about you over what others have done against you. You will either spend your life pitiful due to the wrong done against¬† you, or have the victory that the wrong done towards you challenged you to rise above and become GREATER!!!


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