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It was during morning worship yesterday, the altar was open, so I went! Every Sunday the altar is open and I typically don’t go, but this Sunday I felt lead. I got up to the altar and immediately placed my mind on how disappointed I’ve been with everything else in my life appearing to go great, yet inside feeling a huge emptiness… like something was missing. As tears welled up in my eyes, and lyrics rolled off my lips… “Your all I want, Your all I ever needed, Your all I want… Help Me Know You Are Near”…. it hit me. These songs were the cries of my heart. Next the worship team sang, ” I’m coming back to the heart of worship where its all about you… I’m sorry Lord for the thing I made it!”….. Finally that feeling of “Missing Something” felt more concrete… I was missing intimacy with God.

I began to mutter words from mouth like, ” Lord I’m sorry”… ” I just want you”….

Me:  ” I love you”  God: ” Then show me!”

Me: ” I just want to please you” God: “Then stop trying to please others.”

Me: ” I want to do right!” God: ” Just focus on worshiping and praising me… all things will fall in line”

I started thinking of all the great things that had come into my life-  relationships, family, friends, destiny,etc… yet I’ve allowed them to consume my time and energy more than God had….

Last thing I remember saying is GOD I LOVE YOU MORE”…

Hence this…









It’s okay to be in love with someone or something but you HAVE to love God more than that person or thing or idea.

See what happens is our love for these other important things to us began to control and guide us (with or without their knowledge). We begin to be moved by what makes the love of our lives aka Boo/Bae happy, instead of what makes God happy. Or our time begins to be controlled by our families needs but not what God needs from us.  Some of us even have somewhat of a balance between God vs. Others yet even in those infrequent times when we let others trump God, we’re doing ourselves a disservice.

We have to get to the place where we can say to our significant others….” I love you so much! You mean everything to me… I want to spend more time with you, learn to love you more but I love God more and I must ensure He has my time and love over anything or anyone”

To our family members… ” I  love you and want to help you, but I love God more and need to do what He wants! Not enable you making it hard for God to do His work in your life!”

To our children… ” I love you so much…. I go to the deepest lengths to ensure your safety and provision, to make sure you feel loved, but I love God so much more and need to ensure I’m on the best terms with Him at all times!”

To your job, vision, and dream…. ” I’m thankful for the validation you give me, making me feel as if I have a place in life. You give me passion, motivation and responsibility even in those stressful times, but I love God more and need to make sure I don’t have more passion for you than Him.

These are all tough things to say… but you know what God said to me as I was bent over in worship yesterday  (ugly crying, blubbering, face wet with tears LOL)….If you love me above all, I will ensure all your needs and desires are attended to.

When we love God first and most, we then position ourselves to be better spouses, family members, friends, visionaries, employees, etc. We take that love from our relationship with God and implement it into every relationship in our life.

So I encourage you today…. what do you need to muster up the strength to say ” I love you but not more than God”?  …. What do we need to tell to have a backseat so we can focus on building with God and pleasing Him?

Don’t over complicate things… God said its simple… just praise and worship me – that’s how you draw closer to me. Don’t be like the church of Ephesus…. where God has this one complaint against you…

You Lost Your FIRST LOVE

Revelation 2:4 (AMP)

But I have this [one charge to make] against you: that you have left (abandoned) the love that you had at first [you have deserted Me, your first love].




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