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Focus Areas: Preventative (6-11), Intervention (11+), Awareness, Self-Image, Purpose, Relationships

Sex Trafficking: What it is and How Can I Help

Brief Description: This information session will introduce attendees to the reality of sex trafficking, addressing the what, who, when, and where and how they can get involved to end it. This workshop will include hard core facts, victim stories that will leave you speechless yet ready to help. Focus: Awareness, Intervention

I Am Handpicked

Brief Description: There comes a time in life when you realize life in more than just living; you are more than one of out of millions on this Earth, which despite any shortcomings, failures, or mistakes you were created for a purpose and no one can carry out the purpose destined for you BUT YOU. This workshop with ignite you to become aware and embrace the Handpicked person God made you to be. Focus: Purpose, Self-Image, Intervention, Prevention

Finding My Purpose: Made By God, For God

Brief Description: Once a young lady realizes she is handpicked for a purpose, the next step is finding what exactly her purpose is. This workshop is a great brainstorming session that helps girls tap into what they love to do, what they’re passionate about, what they cannot imagine life without that will ultimately lead them to finding their purpose. Focus: Purpose, Intervention

 Pursuing Purpose with Passion and Persistence

Brief Description: Many people have an idea of what their purpose or dream is but not sure how to make it come to life. This session will assist in grasping ahold of your purpose and having the right ingredients to see it grow like passion, dedication, planning, and more. Focus: Purpose, Intervention

The Princess Code

Brief Description: Every girl is a princess in our book. Unfortunately we live in a world that heavily influences their identities and subtly enforces a “class” system that negates the princess inside of them. This teaching will re-connect ladies with the princess within and the rules of royalty they should live by. Focus: Self-Image, Preventative, Intervention

Not Too Young To Know Who I Am

Brief Description: If we don’t take the time to shape our youth, then we leave them open to be shaped by today’s influences: music, fashion, tv, etc. During this workshop young ladies will learn about young people who made BIG differences as well as tap into how they can know who they are confidently at a young age. Focus: Preventative, Self-Image, Purpose

Violation doesn’t define Me

Brief Description: Things happen in life: things we can control as well as things that we cannot. Many of us have went through some sort of violation whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual but what you’ve been through doesn’t represent who you are. This workshop will help young women face their deepest violations yet gain freedom over it by realizing it does not define who she is. Focus: Intervention, Self- Image, Relationship, Awareness

I’m Not Who You Think I Am: A Glimpse into Self-Image & Accepting the Real You

Brief Description: As life “happens” around us we begin to learn our ability to mask our feelings, emotions and reality. In a world where so many self-proclaimed “REAL” people exist, this session pushes you to accept the real you and come from behind the masks. Focus: Self-Image, Relationships, Intervention

I want to love but I don’t know how: Overcoming the Effects of Absent or Lacking Male Figures

Brief Description: Many girls and women dream the day they’ll fall in love and begin their Happily Ever After. But the reality is those who have grown up with absent or lacking fathers or male figures have a distorted view what being loved by a man is supposed to look, feel, and be like. This session will address the fear, uncertainty, hurt, and neglect connected to their perception of love, leading them on a journey to love freely. Focus: Relationships, Intervention

College Ready:  How to Prepare for College

Brief Description: This course is designed to prepare high school juniors, and seniors for college. Not only is it important to do the necessary things while in high school but it’s equally important to understand what’s required of you once you become an official student. We will cover everything from preparing for SAT scores and entrance essays to prioritizing coursework and choosing the right major.

Focus: Awareness, Intervention

Career Ready: How to Prepare for the Workforce/Career

Brief Description: This course is designed to prepare college graduates for careers. It is important to establish a solid work ethic and integrity, so discussing matters such as resume building, productivity, corporate etiquette will prepare them to be confident and successful individuals. Focus: Awareness, Intervention

Job Ready:  How to Prepare to enter the workforce: Interviewing, Attire, Etiquette, etc.

Brief Description: This course is designed to prepare high school students for the workforce. It is important to establish a solid work ethic and integrity, so discussing matters such as interviewing, proper dress, teamwork, balancing school and work, and more will prepare them to be confident and successful individuals. Focus: Awareness, Intervention

Vision Planning

Brief Description: This course is for those who have dreams yet don’t know the first steps to take to fulfill them.  In this workshop you’ll tap into your vision, learn how to build it out, pray over it, and execute it in excellence Focus: Awareness, Intervention