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Handpicked Summer 2024 Bible Study Resources

Session 3
Session 4
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Session 1 : How To Study The Bible 

Session 1


Bible Translations 

Word for Word

A WORD-FOR-WORD translation is one that does its best to accurately translate each of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words of the original Scriptures.


Thought for Thought

A THOUGHT-FOR-THOUGHT translation examines the whole sentence rather than word-for-word and gives an easily readable translation.


A PARAPHRASED translation uses modern language and idioms to get the thought of the verse across to the reader. The goal is to create a literary work and not necessarily a direct interpretation of the original Biblical text.

Tip: When studying use a parallel bible (hard or digital) using your favorite word for word version and either a thought for thought or a paraphrase version so full understanding and comparison.



Parallel Bible 

Bible Gateway is a tool you can use to look at parallel versions of the Bible. Simply search for the verse or chapter you'd like to read and select the parallel button and select the other version you'd like to look up. You can select up to 5 parallels. FREE TOOL

You can also purchase a parallel bible from Amazon. They range from $35 - $65. The one at Bible Study was the Today's Parallel Bible: NASB, KJV, NIV, NLT 


Study Bibles 

Study bibles are critical to help you dig deeper into areas that give more context to the book, chapters, or verses such as geographical importance, back stories, cultural influences, etc. 

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Languages of the Bible 

  1. Hebrew  (Native language) 

  2. Aramaic

  3. Greek 

Please read this article for a historic preview of the Bible and its translation.



Greek & Hebrew Studies

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance is a great way to study the Greek and Hebrew (interlinear) meanings of the Bible. When utilizing a physical concordance you'll have your bible right by your side so you can look up certain words, review other scriptures using those words, then  explore the Greek or Hebrew meanings for greater context.

These range from $14 -$28 and can be purc hased on Amazon.  


Bible Hub is a fan-fave tool that can be used on a desktop but highly recommended on your mobile device (see example). You can both read and study the Bible using this tool. You can also find commentaries, notes, and other tools for deeper study and perspective. FREE TOOL


How to Navigate:

  1. Select the verse you want to explore

  2. Browse your options of explorations: interlinear (takes you to Greek/Hebrews), commentaries, notes, etc. 

  3. Select Interlinear

  4. Select the viewpoint of your text ( I use reverse inline so it reads like the scripture)

  5. Tap the entry number (H1438, G543)

  6. This will reveal the Greek/Hebrew translation which includes the symbol, work, pronunciation, gender, definitions, lexicon(dictionary), related scriptures, etc.

Download The App Here

Session 2

Session 2 : Read, Research, Reframe 


Tools to use :Parallel Bible, Study Bible,
Digital Bible Tools like Bible Gateway/Hub

Read your focus scripture or text  in various translations:  at least a :

  • word for word (NASB, AMP, ESV, RSV, KJV, NKJV, CSV)  

  • and either or both

    • thought for thought (NRSV, NAB, NIV, TNIV, NCV, NLT)

    • paraphrase (NIRV, GNT, CEV, TLB, MSG).  


Psalm 19:14

Word For Word

(KJV) Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

Thought For Thought

(NLT) May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.

Paraphrase (GNT) May my words and my thoughts be acceptable to you, O LORD, my refuge and my redeemer!


Tools to use : Concordance, Study Bible, Bible Dictionary,  Digital Bible Tool: Bible Hub

A Biblical Lexicon is a type of reference or study tool. It provides both meanings and significant uses of words throughout Biblical texts

Research your focus scripture or text in Hebrew or Greek for the full context of the text. Also capture any additional notes, definitions, and context that provided greater understanding. 


Psalm 19:14

  • Let the (haya) - exisit, to come into being, arise, be established (growing or flourishing successfully) be instituted (organized)

  • words (emer) - utterance, speech, promise, command

  • mouth (pê) - mouth, opening, orifice of a well, river, etc.

  • meditation (higayon) - resounding (loud, reverberating) music, musing (thought or reflection)

  • heart (leb) - inner man, mind, will heart, understanding, soul, inclination, determination of will, seat of appetites, emotions, passions courage

  • acceptable (rasôn) - pleasure, delight, favor, goodwill, acceptance, self- will

  • in thy sight (panim) - face, presence

  • O Lord (yehova) - the existing one, the one true God

  • my strength (sur) - rock, boulder, refuge, edge

  • my redeemer ( ga al) - kinsman (family) redeemer, avenge, revenge, deliverer 


Tools to use : Your research and understanding from steps 1 and 2. The key is the reframe should feel applicable to your life and walk

Now its time to reframe your insights from your readings and research both by what you've learned as well as full expressions of the verse/text based on the Greek/Hebrew. 


Psalm 19:14

  • Our words and meditations have to come from somewhere, they are grown and organized somewhere, and based on the text the heart and mouth are the sources. The heart is the growth space for our words and meditations.

  • Meditation is music: music that is unmistakably, loud, and reverberating. Meditation may consist of behaviors that calm or still you but its effects are loud and resounding causing an echo in your life.

  • Words are not just what you say but also your promises and commands which should be acceptable to God.

  • The mouth is also referenced as an orifice (opening) of a river or well. Words are referenced as water in Proverbs 18:4  confirming the connection between the heart and mouth.

Let the words, promises, and commands of my mouth and the resounding loud music or thoughts and reflection of my heart, my emotions, and determination of my will, arise and be established, organized, acceptable, and full of pleasure, delight, and favor in your sight and very presence, Oh Lord, the one true God, the existing one, my strength, my rock, my boulder, my refuge and my redeemer who delivers, avenges and revenges on behalf of me and my family. 

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