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Event Feedback
Healing Journey Retreat 2022

Thank you for participating in our event! Tell us what you thought about it.
How would you rate the event overall? How would you rate the event overall?
Relaxation Station & AmenitiesRelaxation Station & Amenities
How relevant was it for you?How relevant was it for you?
Cost | Payment Arrangements, Value for Price PaidCost | Payment Arrangements, Value for Price Paid
Time & Duration ( 3 Days)Time & Duration ( 3 Days)
Welcome & Gift Bags Welcome & Gift Bags
Chef Kimari Chef Kimari
Location (Deep Creek, MD)Location (Deep Creek, MD)
Guest Speaker | Apostle Annette CarswellGuest Speaker | Apostle Annette Carswell
Staff/Team Service & Care PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent Staff/Team Service & Care
Guest Speaker| Therapist Jessica GurleyGuest Speaker| Therapist Jessica Gurley
Breakfast | Oatmeal/Yogurt BarBreakfast | Oatmeal/Yogurt Bar
Which activities dd you enjoy the most? (Select All That Apply)
Did you feel seen?
Did you leave feeling any of the following: tranformed, healed, set free, restored, refreshed
Did you feel heard?
How did the retreat deliever on expectations?
Would you be willing to do a short impact video interview to help market & generate funding for I Am Handpicked?
How likely would you recommend this to someone else?
Did you feel as if you atteneded a LUXURY retreat?

Thanks for your feedback!

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