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EXPOSE & EVICT issues 

ELEVATE purpose and value

the Mission

There should come a time in your life when you realize life is more than just living. A time when you realize you are more than one out of millions on this Earth...despite any shortcomings, failures, or mistakes you were created for a purpose. No one else can carry out the unique plan God has constructed for you... You realize


The foundation of I Am Handpicked is  John 15:16 where God is saying to us, " You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and appointed you that you may bear fruit and your fruit will last."



Ryleigh has been attending our Little Princess events, never missing a beat. We make sure the girls and women in our programs are saturated with positivity and believe in the greatness in them to conquer anything and explore their gifts. Admiration was always captured in Ryleigh's eyes and posture and now 6 years later we admire her! Ryleigh is a teen entrepreneur who sells quality notebooks and accessories that shines representation for brown and black girls and boys.

Check Out Her Business - Kenz N' Co

the Vision

A place where you can find what you need when you need it, whether it's virtual or in person.

If you need prayer, words of encouragement, daily prayer or scripture focus, interaction, and accountability with a group of like-minded individuals, and more, you've found your tribe!


In all we do, it is our desire that you may come to realize how great God's love is for you and embrace a steady relationship with Him.

If you need prayer, words of encouragement, daily prayer or scripture focus, interaction, and accountability with a group of like-minded individuals, and more, you've found your tribe!


Come along on the journey of discovering YOU...



Marlo has been regular to our annual vision board parties. It's our job mission to help women see their strength to overcome challenges,  help them pull out their vision for their future, and connect them with God's purpose for them. In 2017 I remember Marlo humbly attending setting goals of things she wanted to let go of and seeking drastic change. When we saw her again in 2018, she was holding a conquered 2017 vision board, sharing her victories and accomplished. In a year Marlo went from facing and conquering her past to becoming a minister helping others do tghe same! #Handpicked

Made By God,

For God



To Be

Light And


our Founder

Soleil Meade

Soleil Meade is an author, speaker, mentor, and graphic designer. Most importantly, she is a woman who doesn't want to see another unfulfilled dream, inactive talent, or railroaded vision, so her life is dedicated to encouraging people to embrace the vision and purpose God placed within them. Soleil is passionate about the lives of others, especially those whose voices are muffled by pain, abuse, and injustice. She is the CEO of Soleil Branding Essentials, a branding and graphic design agency and Founder of “I Am Handpicked,” a non-profit organization that focuses on exposing and evicting issues and elevating purpose through mentoring, ministry, and meet-ups. She is very active in her community serving as the Lead Organizer for Take Action Mon Valley and even working with the Homewood community to amplify their voice and history in a positive way through branding. Soleil, also known as the Purpose Pusha, loves spending her time pouring into the youth. She has formerly the Youth Empowerment Supervisor at Macedonia FACE and now serves as a consultant with Mentoring Partnership of Pittsburgh where she assists other non-profits to develop their youth-focused organizations.

Interested in booking Soleil for speaking engagements, workshops, or consulting?

About Soleil

Soleil's Life Purpose


to daily release love, encouragement, and light to all she encounters 


to help others overcome unaddressed or ignored issues or needs 


to successfully create, produce and execute creative ideas 


to be a beautiful reflection of a disciple of Christ maximizing her life and destiny

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