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What To Expect? 

  • Cohort style group, basically expect to meet new sisters and expand your network,no more than  20 women

  • Worship will start at about 5:45 for those who wish to join 

  • The session will start promptly at 6 pm with a prayer 

  • It will be an open, interactive, and safe space 

  • There will be biblical teaching, sharing of experiences, and open discussion 

  • Sometimes things can get heavy, we may need to pause or you may hear me ask that we move this to a discussion topic in the Facebook group, or dig deeper one on one after the session.  Be Flexible & Respectable


What Do I Need? 

  • Open Heart & Mind

  • Commitment to the journey & the process

  • Patience and Kindness for yourself & others 

  • Respect for the group and the space created

  • Willingness to share/reflect 

  • Journal or notebook & pen 

  • Bible or Bible App to follow scripture references 

  • Connect with the group on Facebook (link below) 

Facing the healing & the hurt...


Asset 2_edited.jpg

Ground Rules

  • Be Committed - if you have to miss or be late to a session, please communicate in advance. 

  • Be On-Time - sessions will start promptly at 6pm. Try to be on time to respect the space and not to disturb the flow

  • Anything Said in our Space, Stays in our Space - we are baring our souls together, this isn't a come in the sanctuary hear a word then leave type of party. It's the come in need and we'll be here until you get what you need. So in order for each woman to feel she can do that we must protect the space. 

  • Zoom Etiquette - if you want to speak use the raise your hand button, or the chat. Make sure you put yourself back on mute if you speak. Try to eliminate as many distractions to your focus and the group as possible. 

  • One Mic only speak when you have the floor. Try to hold your thought or even write it down so you don't lose them, so you may share when whoever is done speaking. I suggest using the emoji reactions in Zoom to send your sentiments and agreeance toward what is spoken.  


Meet Your Lead Conductor

Soleil Meade

This is going to transform your lives ladies!! I've felt it since God pulled on my spirit to do it!!  GOD IS HERE WITH US!! He wants to do something miraculous in us! I'm so excited to meet you all and to see what's on the other side of this for you, for us, FOR THE KINGDOM. 

Penda James

Meet Your Co-Conductor

Be ready for God to move in your life unexpectedly.  I promise, if you trust God through this process, you can't imagine right now what your life is going to look like on the other side of now.

One More Thing...

I need you to complete this very short 4 question survey for me. It's so important that I'm able to gauge your progress during this journey. I hope our first follow-up meeting to be a celebration as I report back to you all how much you've grown during this time.

Please complete this for me!

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