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Become Undone

Some of your greatest breakthroughs happen when you stop acting like everything is okay

Today on my walk, I was feeling quite overwhelmed by a heart matter. I walked by this sweet family, greeted them, blessed the mom to be, waved at the little boys riding their bike and as I walked away from them I broke. I tried with all that was in me to “get it together” and wiped the tears from my eyes before anyone “caught me”. Once I settled myself God reminded me of the peaceful safe and quiet surrounding of the park literally heard a butterfly’s wings flap. In that moment I felt safe and I found a place to sit and “become undone” ...right at the park, in public, when my heart needed to spill, when I needed a refill of hope and faith, when I needed to be sure of my stance and with tears releasing the heaviness and frustration, I got a breakthrough. Too often were too concerned with others perceptions of us or our pride is so great that we stand in our own way of getting what we need, and receiving the release we need. I want to encourage you to take a season to focus on God and take care of yourself. We’re trying to help others on empty tanks, hearts full of hurt, anxiety, confusion, grief that we cover up so well with a “I’m doing well” and a smile. We must start giving ourselves the countless opportunities to heal before we proclaim to be healers, many journeys of hope before we become hope dealers. Become Undone before a powerful and loving God and watch your life transform. Become addicted to his ability to literally wash you clean of everything you’ve been holding onto in fear of judgement, rejection, and shame. God knows what your heart longs for, those things you’ll never utter to a soul or package it as “not that bad” if you do need to talk about it. He knows... he’s waiting for you to become undone. Undone means untied or not fastened. God wants you to bring your pieces to him so he can complete and fastened you with everything you need.

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