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Detox Time

The state of some of our souls (mind, will, and emotions) are so heavy and foggy with the wrong things, whether it be self or others inflicted, that we cannot even perceive or receive what is right, healthy and necessary for our spirits to thrive.

We cry and fuss about wanting and/or deserving what’s right or desired, yet cannot see that the past you’re holding onto, the forgiveness you’ve failed to extend, the criticism you project on yourself is blinding you of your rightful place, which is actually within your reach but you cannot see it because you’re viewing from the lens of your soul which is dirty. #ThatsAProblem #DetoxTime

Like in the natural when you detox all of the toxins and impurities surface, while your body is ridding what isn’t good for it. You may experience some discomfort or maybe even pain such as intense headaches, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, etc. Typically when those symptoms start, your first thought is to stop the detox but if you interrupt the process you’re choosing to leave toxins and waste in your body, you’re choosing to function with what you know is not good for your maximum potential. Spiritually the process is the same...relationships that need severed or restored will appear to be falling apart, the lies of the enemy will amplify and increase in number, temptation will try to chase you down while your past will try to tie you down. It’ll feel impossible to endure through the process but with God all things are possible.

If this is you... pray and meditate on this scripture until you feel a breaking. I don’t care if it’s a day, 3 weeks, or 6 months.... you stay in there until you’re clean as can be, allowing God to restore you. God is waiting on you, not the other way around ❤️

“Create a new, clean heart within me. Fill me with pure thoughts and holy desires, ready to please you.”

Psalms 51:10 TPT

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