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Honor Your Word To Yourself!

So I was washing dishes this morning, wondering why I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights. I mean I’m soooo tired of hearing the birds sing before I close my eyes 🙄

I received a tiny nudge from the Holy Spirit: Honor your word to yourself like you honor your word to everyone else

ouch!!! I knew exactly what that was in reference to. I recently set an am/pm routine to help me “Prioritize myself” I was doing good but fell off when I was sick, especially the nighttime routine. I mean I didn’t even look at my board to follow it at night 🤷🏽‍♀️ Not to even mention the random stuff that happened to prevent me from sticking to it!

I’m finally seeing the bigger lesson in all of this! God is truly concerned about me. I’m pretty positive what He has in store for me down the line is going to REQUIRE strict boundaries and discipline in order to maintain peace and success. That my routine which is always inclusive of Him is imperative now more than ever. I’m seeing how it’s so easy to drop what I’m doing to help or respond to someone else— and that is a clear reflection of how important I am to me!!! (it’s not a good reflection either) It’s crazy how about quickly I would want others to be mindful of me and what may be going on with me but soon saw I wasn’t even mindful of

myself most of the time. I now see that being mindful of myself includes MAKING others mindful of me by saying...

  • “No”

  • “We'll have to reschedule”

  • “Now is not a good time for me."

  • " I'm not available"

Also, these phrases had to go under inspection too, especially when explaining my "No"

  • "Unfortunately ...."

  • "Sorry but..."

It was eye-opening to see that I was calling my booked client schedule, self-care plans, home priorities, etc, unfortunate and sorry.

Those words were catering to the potential disappointment the person on the other side of my "no" may have. I was watering down my success and needs in order to make others feel better.

Prioritizing yourself...

Honoring your word to yourself...

All sound good but it's definitely challenging to execute. I just want you to know... It's okay to choose you EVERYDAY and EVERYTIME you need to.

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