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How You Glow Like That?


ppl have been asking/commenting to me “girl what are you doing? You look great!! Keep it up” .... #ImEvolving #ImSurrendered

My glow comes with a high cost

My bright smile has hidden much pain

My confident posture was once weak and defeated

My encouraging words emerge from a place of discouragement, rejection, and disappointment

The light you see on the outside, doesn’t tell the story of how I got to this light. The glow will have you mistaken, thinking my life is all sunshine and smiles. I’ve made horrible choices, people have bruised me, I’ve cried more of tears in a day than ounces of water I’ve drank in that same day lol, I’ve been abandoned, disregarded, overlooked, dumped on, lied to, falsely accused, used, numbed by grief, tormented by painful memories and more... all just in the past month, literally just last week!!!

Yet the glow you see is reflective of my transformation and clinging to God, the only one I knew could help me in all of this. The glow is because I didn’t give up on myself but found myself in Him during the dark times (the good, bad and the ugly). I shine because God has endowed me with understanding, compassion, and love enough to navigate and conquer anything negative. The light led me to the high road when I could have “act up you could snatched up” The light led me to heal and not continually busy myself with distractions and leave my spirit unkept.

I chose the light instead of darkness and because of that the joy and contentment you see is real, right along with all the real struggles! The key is the work you do when no one is watching, how you evolve privately so you can testify publicly, and not fronting like the struggles aren’t there but facing them and growing into what God has for you.

I really don’t know where this came from but my prayer is it resonates with someone else who is silently bruised and broken, depressed, ready to just float along with life struggles (that was me!) but there’s a desire in you to move out that place! Come into the light and let the Lord shine on you- expose all the nasties in you yet prepare and place His most beautiful treasures in you like compassion, forgiveness, grace, and love.

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