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Why does it seem like God isn’t releasing it to me?

Psalm 84:11

For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

When we feel like God is holding something we desire deeply or need back from us, this scripture teaches us the condition to receiving the good things- WALK UPRIGHTLY.

Often we’d interpret this scripture in a general overall / all in all sense of walking uprightly. As in, my life overall is pleasing to God, May have a few spots here or there but for the most part I’m solid!

That’s great! Yet the reality is your one area of struggle doesn’t spoil the good about you , yet that one area of struggle isn’t made good because of everything else. You have to be intentional about improving that challenging area.

This verse has taught me a lot about posture. When you hear the term “upright” in English it would be associated with posture that is straight, in the abstract sense honorable. Too often our posture may be on point at work, doing ministry and business yet when it comes to intimate relationships or family our posture becomes poor. We may drag our feet, slouch, or hunch over in weariness. Our mindset in dealing with that challenge is more than likely questionable and not exactly how God would want us to present ourselves. And we wonder why we say things like “ everything else seems in place in my life but this... it just seems like God won’t release it... like he’s holding it back!”

He probably is!!!! Yet the beauty is if you can identify the holdup then the resolution is here in the text. WALK UPRIGHT! What we that situation you feel God is withholding the good thing you’re asking for from Him,( in my case a whole husband and family) then ask yourself, have I been walking upright?

Have I been having faith for this to manifest or am I spending more time frustrated and complaining it hasn’t come?

Am I speaking life or death with the power of my tongue over it?

Do I want it for selfish gain- to solve a problem or wash away my past or do I find the true value and purpose of it in my life? Do I find myself in more settling and compromising positions regarding it or am I steadfast immovable always abounding in the work of the Lord?

Do I practice behavior and mindsets that’s support this desire or am I stuck and complacent in stale behaviors and mindsets?

I legit saw a visual of my situation. God was holding me in one hand and my desire in the other. I clearly saw when He had us arm open wide which made me so far from my desire. In that moment my mind flooded with reasons why, which all were due to bad posture within myself, regarding the desire, and a lot of shortcuts and “it is what it is” behavior. Then God showed me Him moving His arms closer together ( my desire appeared to be more feasible and in reach) then He began to remind me of how I have changed my posture as of late- my mindset and behaviors are full of faith, willing to grow, let go of past complacent behavior and explore more healthy progressive behaviors. And even though I haven’t quite attained my desire yet, I have a renewed hope for it- most importantly Gods way vs my own! I find myself being intentional in prayer over it not just waiting for it to happen to me, if it happens. I truly believe that one day soon God won’t withhold the good thing from me any longer! He bring His hands together and what is for me with become mine. I also believe another beautiful blessing is happening while God is withholding the good thing, He is still preparing it and making it most suitable for use and His glory.

It’s very important we know and study Gods word. When we take His word and instruction at surface level we miss dimensions like these that help us grow in our walk with God. We walk around blaming the devil and his attacks, or picking apart ourselves until there’s nothing left, or God for not answering our prayers. Meanwhile the dimension were given in this text teaches us that God can withhold good things from us, if we’re not walking upright before Him. So stop believing you’re not good enough and walk upright. Stop saying God isn’t concerned about you and maybe this isn’t for you and draw closer to Him and walk upright. Stop comparing your lack to others progress, especially when you have no clue what’s really going on in others lives and God is still preparing that thing for you waiting for you to walk upright so he can release your good thing.

My good thing is a companion- a man that I can grow with, enjoy life with, create legacy with and do Gods work on the Earth with. God reminded me that His word also says a man that finds a wife finds a good thing and favor with God. So no Soleil will He withhold from him who walks uprightly. So in turn I’m looking for a man who is walking upright in every aspect of his life. No one is perfect but our posture should be one that reflects that of Christ. And I truly believe my husband is a great thing to me so I am embracing the mindset and behavior to walk upright so he won’t be withheld from me. Not saying it will always be easy but when you start to put your energy in the right direction that will manifest ❤️

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